Koburyu Karate is based on former Pangainoon Karate brought from China by Master Kanbun Uechi.

In our school we have nine Katas :

  • Sanchin
  • Kanshiwa
  • Kanshu
  • Kobuken
  • Seichin
  • Seisan
  • Seiryu
  • Kanchin
  • Sanseiryu


The direct type of the “Pangainoon ryu” of the main gate of the Chinese Minami Shaolin Ken.
Basic standing,Sharp eye strength, Make a body resistant to attack,Training of the mental power which makes itself sink in pure feeling.
The shape that I do first.
Sanchin is a basis for everything’s form of Uechi ryu.
Sanchin is a basis and is absolute.

It was made by Mr. Kanei Uechi sensei in 1945.
It was named from a name of two,shusiwa and Kanbun.
It was called “kanshabu” originally, but it changed from “shushabu” to “shusiwa” in the beginning in 1970.
It was changed to”kanshiwa” with that.
“shoken” was used for this style originally, but three times first lunges were change later in “seiken”.
There is “seiken” only in the form of Uechi ryu.
The form for beginners.

Kanshu(daini seisan)

The form that Seiki Itokazu sensei created.
This named together with the name of the “kanbun” and the “shusiwa” like “kanshiwa”.
It was called “daini SESAN” originally, but it was changed the name of in 1970.
A movement of “SESAN” was included much, and it was contrived for the purpose that learning of “SESAN” was preparing.
This form made a beginner the subject, but movement includes something difficult, and it can be said the quite difficult style for a beginner.


The shape is Uechikei okinawa koburyu souke kaiocho Takashi Kinjo sensei made.
The shape that it was contrived in the karate life for 40 years.
Power, the speed and Instantaneous force often combine a balance with this form.
It is an elegant and dynamic representation of the “Kobu ryu” that can be used in battle


Saburo Uehara sensei made it in 1963.
The most difficult in the kyu(class)
It contains many movements of “okinawatei” and “Pai Gainoon”


One of the techniques of “SANCHIN”, “SEASAN”, and “SANSEI RYU” transmitted from China.
Existing in China Kenpo.
“ryu so ken” “ko sou ken” “kaku sou ken” is called the “ryu ko kaku(dragon and tiger, crane)”.
It was created based on “turuken” in that.
It is realistic form.
This form requires speed and instantaneous power

Kanbun Uechi sensei made it.
There are some differences from other forms.
The lower body is important for this form.


Kanei Uechi sensei made it.
There is a movement that is similar to Sanseiryu
It is the seventh form of Uechi ryu.
Stickiness and torsional force of the lower body are required, and speed and dynamic movement are characteristic


Types of Chinese origin.
It is the last type of eight form of Uechi ryu Karatedo.
Assume 360 ​​° enemies and respond.
Behavioral freedom, action that puts haste is artistic.
Beautiful movements and fast movements combine, moving arts