A combination of the first kanji in Kanbun’s name, and the kanji for Shu Shiwa’s family name (Shu) [see previous note on pronunciation]. Originally known as Daini Seisan (第二十三) or “Second Seisan,” it was created by Seiki Itokazu in the 1950s.


Kanshu (daini seisan)
The form that Seiki Itokazu sensei created.
This named together with the name of the “kanbun” and the “shusiwa” like “kanshiwa”.
It was called “daini SESAN” originally, but it was changed the name of in 1970.
A movement of “SESAN” was included much, and it was contrived for the purpose that learning of “SESAN” was preparing.
This form made a beginner the subject, but movement includes something difficult, and it can be said the quite difficult style for a beginner.