A combination of the first kanji in Kanbun’s name, and the last two kanji written in Chinese order of Shu Shiwa’s name in Japanese pronunciation. Originally known as “Kanshabu” based on earlier mistranslation of Zhou Zihe’s name into Japanese as “Shu Shabu.


It was made by Mr. Kanei Uechi sensei in 1945.
It was named from a name of two,shusiwa and Kanbun.
It was called “kanshabu” originally, but it changed from “shushabu” to “shusiwa” in the beginning in 1970.
It was changed to”kanshiwa” with that.
“shoken” was used for this style originally, but three times first lunges were change later in “seiken”.
There is “seiken” only in the form of Uechi ryu.
This the form for beginners.